Second Month - 2020

Growing up, I often spent time with my grandparents who lived in the country. My Nan was a cook on a station, my Pa a farm-hand, horse-handler, even a drover at one point.

 I remember them talking about the ‘Bush Telegraph.’ How word got around about for old Mrs Thomas faster than fire. In fact, I saw it in action many  time. Someone would walk up the front veranda or in the through the milk bar fly strips at the back and sit down at the kitchen table. Nan would be there cooking over the wood stove.

 And the visitor would begin… “Well you’d never believe what I just heard.” Nan, wiping the sweat from her brow with her apron, would sit down at the table, reach for the jar of cool mints and say, “Well go on love…”

 And away they would go. As soon as the visitor left, if the news was worthy, Nan would get on the ‘blower’ calling all her friends and in about an hour the whole town would know.  

 Have you ever wondered why the gospel, the incredible news about who Jesus is and what he did for us travelled so quickly in the years after Jesus’ ascension? As we pick up our journey through the book of Acts, beginning in chapter eleven, we see the early church grappling with the realisation that the good news of Jesus through to the send out of the very first missionaries and the description of their first missions.

 And I hope, as we see the good news spread faster than you can say ‘Bush Telegraph,’ we might discover, either for the first time, or indeed again, how very good this news of Jesus truly is.

 Yours in Christ,

James (Lead Minister, All Saints Network)