Second Month - 2020

We are already into the second month of 2020. For the young and disciplined among us, perhaps you are continuing to power through the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year. For those of more advanced in years and wisdom, you’ve either already jettisoned those resolutions or didn’t make them to begin with! Whatever your take on resolutions, what lies behind them is often the desire to change, to grow or improve. Usually, these resolutions are connected with some form of betterment.  I was recently hiking around Fortescue Bay area when Kerryn and I bumped into a family from our last church in Melbourne. It was quite a surprise. This family is not your typical family. They have plans for each decade of their life. Can you imagine having a family plan for a decade? Well anything more than, ‘We survived’? Last decade was ‘Study and Career’ decade – so of course both Mr and Mrs completed PHD’s and established very successful careers. I forgot to ask what the next decade would be. What makes this family unusual is how intentional they are. I know other people who are very intentional in the relationships they build, in the way they live.

 At All Saints, we want to live life well, together in Jesus. Contemplating what it means to live life well – always leads me to the gospels and to thinking about the life of Jesus, the only one who truly lived life as it should be lived. And we I read the gospels, I never get the sense that Jesus accidentally stumbles into a situation or a moment. Or to put it another way, life never seems to just ‘happen’ to Jesus. Rather, Jesus ‘happens’ to life. As I think about this I cannot help but conclude that Jesus lived an intentional life. In every conversation, meal, relationship, rebuke, touch, healing, Jesus has a reason for it – not calculating, but purposeful. What would it look like for us as his followers to live with the same intentionality? How do we do that? What difference could it make? Is this meant to be part of our discipleship?

 Through February, as we celebrate the beginning of a new year in Christ as the All Saints Network, we are going to look at the gospels and ask Jesus, by his Spirit to help us live intentional lives.

 Yours in Christ,

James (Lead Minister, All Saints Network)